Are you a recently engaged bride and ready to start the process of trying on wedding gowns, buuuuut don’t know where to start? While we highly recommend you get to a store and actually try different styles and silhouettes on to see what compliments your body best, there are a few trends that you’ll probably notice in every showroom or on every online collection that you might want to keep in mind as a starting point. 

Let’s take a look at four of the top bridal trends of 2019. First up – sleeves! Voluminous sleeves, romantic sleeves, detailed sleeves, elegant sleeves and everything in-between. Voluminous sleeves are self-explanatory; they are full of volume perfected either by layers made by organza or by a billowy, cloud-like style, which captures the essence of the boho-chic look. Romantic sleeves are best considered to be the illusion-style sleeves— whether you chose to go with a skin-colored fabric or keep the illusion the same color as your white or ivory dress, long, elbow length, or off-the-shoulder illusion sleeves are romantic and idyllic. In addition, flowers, another trend that didn’t make it to this list is flowers, are a popular way to create a detailed sleeve along with buttons, lace, & geometric designs accomplished by ruffles and layered fabric (another trend we’ll touch on in a bit!). Lastly, with the latest royal wedding, Meghan Markle’s simplistic, elegant dress captured the hearts of everyone and now simple, elegant sleeves are included in almost every designer’s collection. 

Here are a few examples:

The second trend making it on to our list is bows. Bows are not just used to tie the sash in the back of your gown anymore. Designers are now using bows to make a bold statement and capture your eye’s attention rather than it just being a last-minute finish to the dress. You can find these statement pieces around the neckline, waistline, or even down the back of the gown.

Here we have a Vikror & Ralf (left) that showcases a bold bow on the back on the skirt, while the Amsale (right) makes a statement on the bodice as a sleeve in the front.

Next up – asymmetry. Asymmetry is created by geometric designs using a couple of different features. Ruffles throughout the skirt, across the bodice, or even down the sleeves can create beautiful asymmetrical designs throughout a gown. Also, contrasting necklines can also generate a beautiful imbalance. In the second picture of the examples used for the bows section, we get a taste of how that designer used a dramatic bow neckline, which also creates asymmetry on the front of the gown. Tiered skirts made out of tulle, chiffon, and/or lace beam a beautiful waterfall effect and can be found on large ballgowns or even simple sheath silhouettes. Furthermore, contrasting fabrics and pleating are another way designers are creating asymmetrical designs on their collection. 

Here are two styles that capture the asymmetrical look beautifully:

Finally, number four on our list is pants/ jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are more common now-a-days and allows brides to feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful all at the same time. Whether you’re a powerful, yet sexy bride or just looking for a modern, relaxed look to change into for your reception, a handful of designers incorporated pants and/or jumpsuits in their 2019 bridal collections.