Ideas For Including Your Dog in Your Wedding

Do you and your significant other have a puppy child that you’re thinking about incorporating in your wedding, but not sure how to make sure they’re included in a special way? We talked to a few of our associates and compiled some ideas/ feedback on their experience to hopefully help in your journey on including your furry loved one in your Big Day.

Let’s start with the beginning of any marriage—the proposal… or in our case, a puposal! Use your pup as a “prop” to ask your partner to spend the rest of your life with you. In the following picture, Oakley posed in Central Park to help his daddy during his special moment. I mean, how could anyone say no to that face?!

Once your partner says yes, you can include your pup in the pictures you post on social media to announce your engagement to family and friends. Or, as you start the planning process and have a date picked, include Rover on the save the dates you send via email or mail.

Next, you’ll need to determine if you want your dog to actually be apart of your Big Day and attend the ceremony and/or reception. But, be honest with yourself—is your best bud well-behaved enough to remain focused while walking down the aisle or to sit still at the alter without being distracted by the friendly faces in the crowd? If so, then obviously the first thing you’ll want to make sure of is that the venue you chose allows pets. An outdoor reception is a great idea in this instance! In addition, training classes or Doggy Bootcamp are great opportunities to make sure Buddy is up-to-date on all commands. It’s also been highly recommended to hire a dog-sitter for the day of your event. The sitter should be responsible for making sure your pup is at the location on time, taking him/her back home or to the hotel after he/she has fulfilled their duties at the ceremony, and then they will be in charge of caring for your fur-child for the rest of the day. It is important that Buddy listens to and is comfortable with the dog-sitter as well, so you’ll want to get them acquainted with each other well before wedding day.

Also, as you’re booking your vendors, like the entertainment, Photographer, and Officiant, we suggest you make sure they aren’t allergic or have any reservations against servicing the event with your pup in attendance. Once all of those logistics are figured out, then you can determine HOW to include your fur-child— do you want Daisy to be your Dog-of-Honor, Tux to be your Best Man, Kaia to be your Flower Dog, or Zeke to be the Ring Bearer? What role do you think your pup will best fulfill?

If you don’t think your pup is a good fit to attend the wedding, we have a few other ideas on how you can incorporate them. First, include them on the welcome sign so guests are greeted with their friendly face as they first walk into the reception. Or, include different pictures of them to designate which table your guest will be sitting at. Another option is to have your signature cocktail named after your pup. For example, offer “The Payton” made of Bourbon and coke or “The Mia Mule” made of vodka, ginger beer, and lime.

A fourth option at the reception is to include a cake topper of your dog—either a personalized replica or just a silhouette of a bride and groom with a dog or two (or four) sitting on the side of the two of you. Or, if you’re having your dog attend the reception, have a separate, pet-friendly cake for him/her to enjoy, too! In addition, if they’re attending the reception, one of our associates recommended attaching a GoPro to their back so that you can look back on the video and have another fun point-of-view of your reception aside from the pictures and video you get from the professionals. Or, another enjoyable idea is to include a picture of your dog as a prop so that guests can opt to include them in their pictures as they’re taking turns in the photo booth.

Overall, although your wedding day should be primarily focused on you and your significant other, we know that your fur-child is just as important. So, we hope these give you some good ideas when planning and organizing your Big Day and are open to receiving pictures of how you incorporated your pup on your wedding day!

Most In-Demand Engagement Ring Styles of 2019

Happy National Proposal Day! It’s the first day of Spring, the weather is getting nicer, people are feeling better, and what a PERFECT time of year to pop the big question. If you need a little bit of assistance on what kind of engagement ring is the best fit for your lovely lady OR if you need some ideas or a good article as a hint to send to your partner, this is a good read for you. Let’s take a look at a few of the most in-demand engagement ring styles of 2019.

Lab Diamonds

While many believe that there is simply no substitute for a natural mined diamond, lab grown diamonds are less expensive, environmentally friendly, and ethically sourced. These diamonds contain actual carbon atoms and display the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as natural diamonds. Lab-created diamonds are graded and certified using the same process as mined diamonds. So, for some, it’s a no brainer to choose a 21st century lab-grown diamond; however, a handful of jewelers are having a hard time including these diamonds in their inventory list simply because the diamond mining business built it’s community and some country’s economies on their everlasting rarity, beauty, and resilience of nature’s hardest and most brilliant gem. To the regular eye, most can’t tell the difference between a natural, mined diamond and a lad diamond. I mean, look at the examples above, they’re beautiful! If you’re looking for that captivating bling without breaking the bank and like the idea of an eco-friendly purchase, this is a great option for you.

Fancy Shaped Diamonds

Fancy shaped diamonds consist of princess, emerald, cushion, radiant, heart, oval and pear shaped diamonds. The two that we’re going to focus on for the purpose of this article are the oval and pear shaped diamonds. While a round brilliant cut diamond will never go out of style, the pear and oval shapes are a bit more distinctive, so they capture everyone’s eye. In addition, since they’re longer than a round cut diamond, they tend to elongate the finger and give a slimming effect on the wearer’s hand. So, whether you chose a solitaire diamond, a halo, or a directional ring (where there are sparkly diamonds that decorate the North, South, East, and West of the primary diamond), these fancy shaped diamonds are flattering and hold timeless beauty.

Three-stone Setting

Last but not least, a style still sought after and trending this year is the three-stone engagement ring. If you desire a deeper meaning to your ring, this is the perfect option. Whether you view the diamonds as symbolizing the past, present, and future or representing friendship, love, and fidelity, this style of ring will be sure to touch her heart. Jewelers are getting creative with how they’re designing the setting of each ring to include different shaped diamonds on each side of the center diamond, which creates a beautiful asymmetrical look. On some rings, you’ll even notice they use size to create a unique/different appearance to the ring.

So, whether you go with a silver, gold, or rose gold band any of these three styles are in trend and will be sure to not only capture your loved one’s heart, but also the eye of everyone she shows it off to.

Top Bridal Trends of 2019

Top Bridal Trends of 2019

Are you a recently engaged bride and ready to start the process of trying on wedding gowns, buuuuut don’t know where to start? While we highly recommend you get to a store and actually try different styles and silhouettes on to see what compliments your body best, there are a few trends that you’ll probably notice in every showroom or on every online collection that you might want to keep in mind as a starting point. 

Let’s take a look at four of the top bridal trends of 2019. First up – sleeves! Voluminous sleeves, romantic sleeves, detailed sleeves, elegant sleeves and everything in-between. Voluminous sleeves are self-explanatory; they are full of volume perfected either by layers made by organza or by a billowy, cloud-like style, which captures the essence of the boho-chic look. Romantic sleeves are best considered to be the illusion-style sleeves— whether you chose to go with a skin-colored fabric or keep the illusion the same color as your white or ivory dress, long, elbow length, or off-the-shoulder illusion sleeves are romantic and idyllic. In addition, flowers, another trend that didn’t make it to this list is flowers, are a popular way to create a detailed sleeve along with buttons, lace, & geometric designs accomplished by ruffles and layered fabric (another trend we’ll touch on in a bit!). Lastly, with the latest royal wedding, Meghan Markle’s simplistic, elegant dress captured the hearts of everyone and now simple, elegant sleeves are included in almost every designer’s collection. 

Here are a few examples:

The second trend making it on to our list is bows. Bows are not just used to tie the sash in the back of your gown anymore. Designers are now using bows to make a bold statement and capture your eye’s attention rather than it just being a last-minute finish to the dress. You can find these statement pieces around the neckline, waistline, or even down the back of the gown.

Here we have a Vikror & Ralf (left) that showcases a bold bow on the back on the skirt, while the Amsale (right) makes a statement on the bodice as a sleeve in the front.

Next up – asymmetry. Asymmetry is created by geometric designs using a couple of different features. Ruffles throughout the skirt, across the bodice, or even down the sleeves can create beautiful asymmetrical designs throughout a gown. Also, contrasting necklines can also generate a beautiful imbalance. In the second picture of the examples used for the bows section, we get a taste of how that designer used a dramatic bow neckline, which also creates asymmetry on the front of the gown. Tiered skirts made out of tulle, chiffon, and/or lace beam a beautiful waterfall effect and can be found on large ballgowns or even simple sheath silhouettes. Furthermore, contrasting fabrics and pleating are another way designers are creating asymmetrical designs on their collection. 

Here are two styles that capture the asymmetrical look beautifully:

Finally, number four on our list is pants/ jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are more common now-a-days and allows brides to feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful all at the same time. Whether you’re a powerful, yet sexy bride or just looking for a modern, relaxed look to change into for your reception, a handful of designers incorporated pants and/or jumpsuits in their 2019 bridal collections. 

Should I Book a Photo Booth for My Wedding or Special Event?

Are you trying to decide if you should have a photo booth at your wedding or special event? Let’s break down some preeminent reasons why having one is a plus. First, the printouts are a great option to have as additional party favors for your guests to take home as a keepsake-- they’ll remember your special day any time they open their fridge or sit down at their desk to get some work done. You can customize your photo strip to include your wedding hashtag, personal branding, or the colors and date of your theme to make it even more memorable. Who doesn’t love having something tangible to take home with them from an event?

In addition to customizing your photo strip, you can also indicate whether you want to have an open-air style, which is more popular for corporate events and company parties, or go with an enclosed booth for a more private option, which guests tend to prefer at weddings, birthdays, and other private events. Either way, interacting with the photo booth is a great icebreaker. It allows family members who haven’t seen each other in a while or co-workers who aren’t used to loosening up with each other get silly and open up a bit. 

Second, in addition to having a professional photographer capture your big day, Williams Event Group gives you the opportunity to add a memory book as an option to take home, on-top of receiving a digital download file of your party’s pictures. The memory book is an awesome add-on that includes a copy of every print that was taken during the event. Guests are encouraged to sign next to their photo strip and/or include a sweet note for you on your special day!

The only concern you may have, if you incorporate a photo booth at your event, is keeping the noise down…because it always causes endless laughter and a good time.